We Know We Have To Modernize The System, Said Gay Vietzke, Superintendent Of National Mall And Memorial Parks.

17, the park service closed the landmark for the sixth time as maintenance work continued to address mechanical and electrical problems with the elevator. The elevator failed twice in 12 hours, including one incident in which several employees were trapped inside. The park service originally said it would take 10 days to investigate the problems but on Wednesday told Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton , the Districts nonvoting member of Congress, that a diagnosis of the elevators underlying deficiencies likely would not be completed until September. After the investigation, the National Park Service intends to plan a full modernization of the elevator system for the first time in almost 20 years. The effort could require the monument to be closed for eight or nine months. The overhaul will focus on the elevators electrical infrastructure, computer system and control panel. We are finding ourselves at the end of the life of this system. We know we have to modernize the system, said Gay Vietzke, superintendent of National Mall and memorial parks. A single elevator has been transporting tourists to the top of landmark year-round. Ms.moved here

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