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Further, exit polling data show s clearly that Clinton won low-income Americans’ votes. Some of that is because she overwhelmingly won the youth vote, and younger people early in their careers don’t make as much as their older counterparts. But it’s also because Trump’s message of protectionism and nostalgia was tailored to those with something to protect higher incomes and a past worth glorifying. useful siteBut perhaps most importantly, Republican voters themselves admit to exactly the “whitelash” Lilla says is a figment of our imaginations. University of Wisconsin political science professor Katherine Cramer has been going Jane Goodall with Wisconsin’s small-town, rural white voters for a decade. In a recent piece for Vox , she describes both the run-up to and immediate after-effects of the election. Despite data showing that these groups were not disadvantaged compared to other groups in the state, “people expressed a deeply felt sense of not getting their ‘fair share.'” They felt marginalized by everything from participation in state decision-making to state investment in their communities. Again, Cramer says, they were not getting the shaft on taxes, and consider that every leadership position in state government (aside from Walker, a suburban Milwaukeean) is held by someone not from Madison or Milwaukee. Mostly, Cramer says, these voters “thought that they were not getting their fair share of respect.” In this, I can maybe see a glimmer of Lilla’s thesis about identity liberalism. But it comes not from any Democrats’ active disdain for these voters, but rather by the way Democrats do not privilege these voters over others.

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The Stoxx Europe 600 was up 0.4% shortly after markets opened, with all but the utility sector trading in positive territory. Meanwhile, a dollar rally intensified with the WSJ Dollar Index last up 0.4% after climbing to a 14-year high on Wednesday. The latest leg higher for the greenback followed strong U.S. economic data, a weaker Chinese yuan and fresh hints the Federal Reserve would likely raise interest rates in December. Fed officials said a raise rise was possible ” relatively soon” if incoming data continued to show an improving economy, minutes from the bank’s November meeting showed. Earlier, markets in Asia mostly moved lower amid concerns that higher U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar could hurt emerging markets. Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average advanced 0.9%, however, as a weaker yen boosted shares of exporters. The dollar was last up 0.8% against the yen at Yen113.4660. bond markets, the yield on 10-year German government bonds fell to 0.241% from 0.277% on Wednesday. Yields move inversely to prices.

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Wear.upport stockings sold at most drug stores and medical supply stores. The antero-medial border, or inter osseous crest, is situated close to the medial side of the preceding, and runs nearly parallel with it in the upper third of its extent, but diverges from it in the lower two-thirds. Dudkiewicz I, Schwartz O, heir M, Herman A, Siev-Ner I. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Untreated or uncontrolled high blood pressure hypertension causes the heart to work harder and creates additional stress on the arteries. Angiogram: This test is the most helpful imaging study used to direct treatment of symptomatic lower extremity arterial disease. I personally think calves can be hit on any workout day, not just leg day. Higgins HF, Klatt B, Beale AC. Borders: The borders and surrounding skin usually appear punched out. If you have poor circulation, stopping smoking and use of other tobacco products is an important way to regain leg health. 2 Try birch bark tea. Ulcers may also appear on the cheeks, soft palate, the tongue, and on the inside of the lower lip .

The blockage of the intestine can be mechanical or functional in nature. The severity of symptoms may vary, depending on the underlying condition. After all, an auto mobile is a major investment, and you shouldn’t take a hasty decision. It may affect people in any age group and both men and women may be affected with this condition. As the coating wears off due to exposure to sunlight, the piping material gets oxidized and corroded. Intestinal obstruction occurs when the bowel movement gets impaired and the intestinal functions fail, as the contents cannot vent through. This condition may not cause symptoms silent gallstones in almost 90% of the affected people, and it may remain so for decades. Both these repair jobs are simple to perform and can be done at home. Harsh chemicals stain the surface Harsh cleaning agents such as bleach, kitchen degreasers and glass cleaners can strip the granite surface off the sealer, and can permanently stain the surface.

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