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InventHelp InventHelp Inventors Develop… PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) November 24, 2016 Many window frames have only 1.5″ or less depth, so they leave a gap between the end of blinds and window frame(s). This undermines the privacy and sense of security where this situation exists. “I know this because Ive been in contracting for 30 years, and Ive found that shallow window frames pose security and privacy problems,” said an inventor from Marion, S.C. This inspired him to design and created a prototype of an effective way to combat this common problem: the patent-pending SECURITY BORDER. This invention solves the common problem of shallow frames of windows with any 1-inch or 2-inch blinds. It optimizes privacy and promotes a sense of security by preventing people from being able to see and light from filtering inside a home or building while the blinds are closed. Featuring a design that’s effective and easy to use and install, the SECURITY BORDER is ideal for contractors and DIYers. The original design was submitted to the Columbia office of InventHelp.

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Children who complain about calf muscle pains, arch pain, or any other pains around the foot area may be developing or have flat feet. visit this siteFoot & Ankle International. 267:540-4, 2005. ^ Manoli A, Graham B. When tendons do not pull together properly, there is little or no arch. Without treatment, your fallen arches begin to put strain and pressure on your ankles and knees. Redmond A. When this occurs, a stress fracture is a possible injury to the bone. The method of measurement is the same as the adult model except finding the width. See your doctor if you have diabetes, if the corns or warts are painful or inflamed, or if they’re large, very numerous or resistant to over-the-counter medicines. 12.

A symbol of the rivalry between two sports teams, it is also a tribute to two communities that have much to share off the field. John D. Bacheller and Bob Tankard have a cherished memory of how it came to be known as The Island Cup. bunion ageMr. Bacheller bought the trophy in 1978. He was in his second year as head coach and plotting out a new season. I believe I bought it in the summer of 1978 at Falmouth Trophy Store. At the time, it was the nicest trophy they had, Mr. Bacheller said. It was silver, white metal. I think I was told there were five different kinds of metal in it. I paid $127 for it.

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