The Jets Rookie Linebacker Appeared Out Of Sorts And Unprepared For Full-time Action, But Got The Starting Nod In Nine Games.

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Hell most certainly benefit from a full offseason, adding some strength and seeing the field more in 2017. The potential is sky high with Lawson, who could develop into one of the NFLs premier pass rushers in time. For now, though, its safe to say his rookie season was a letdown. Well see if things get better come next December. Grade:C 20. Darron Lee, OLB New York Jets 2016 Stats: 73 tackles, 1 sack, 3 passes defended I know the stats paint a pretty picture, but this was not a good debut season for Darron Lee. The Jets rookie linebacker appeared out of sorts and unprepared for full-time action, but got the starting nod in nine games. On paper, Lee has the tools to be an outstandinglinebacker for New York. why not check hereHes an elite athlete with the speed and versatility to fly all over the field, but was often overmatched by bigger, stronger opponents. The big thing for Lee was that he appeared to lack that instinctive edge on the field.

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